McKenney and Hall American Indian Prints
McKenney and Hall
American Indian Prints
(England, 1933)
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These American Indian prints are from McKenney and Hall's History of the Indian Tribes of North America.  They portray chiefs, warriors and squaws of various tribes of American Indians.

Originally published in the 1830s, these Indian prints are from an early 1900s edition published in England that had a limited run of only 200 copies.

Thomas McKenney (1785-1859) and James Hall (1793-1868) collaborated on this project, regarded by many as a landmark work on preserving a record of a disappearing culture.  McKenney, who had been Director of the Office of Indian Affairs until 1839, provided the information that Hall used to author the accompanying biographical sketches.  Hall had been an Illinois journalist and lawyer who had written extensively about the West.

Many of the paintings on which the prints are based had been destroyed in the Smithsonian fire of 1865.  This re-inforces the importance of this work in providing a visual record of prominent Indian leaders of the early 19th century.

Provided with each print is a copy of the introductory pages of the biography authored by Hall.


Price per print: Print Only:  $40
Matting Charge:  $20
Framing & Matting Charge:  $110
Dimensions: Print Only:  6 x 8-1/2 inches
Matted:  12 x 16 inches
Type of print: Original color print
Year: 1933
Other details: Includes copy of introductory text page

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Shawnee Indians Print (No. 61060002)
Plate 2
a Shawnee Chief
Chippeway Indians Print (No. 61060009)
Plate 9
Meta-Koosega (Pure Tobacco),
a Chippeway Warrior
Chippeway Indians Print (No. 61060010)
Plate 10
Weshcubb (or The Sweet),
a Chippeway Chief
Shawanoe Indians Print (No. 61060016)
Plate 16
Quatawapea (or Col. Lewis),
a Shawanoe Chief

Chippeway Indians Print (No. 61060020)
Plate 20
a Chippeway
Chippeway Indians Print (No. 61060029)
Plate 29
a Chippeway Chief
Creek Indians Print (No. 61060030)
Plate 30
a Creek Chief
Iowa Indians Print (No. 61060032)
Plate 32
Mahaskah (or White Cloud),
an Iowa Chief

Iowa Indians Print (No. 61060033)
Plate 33
(or Female Flying Pigeon)
Iowa Indians Print (No. 61060034)
Plate 34
Young Mahaskah,
Chief of the Iowas
Iowa Indians Print (No. 61060036)
Plate 36
Moanahonga (or Great Walker),
an Iowa Chief
Iowa Indians Print (No. 61060037)
Plate 37
an Iowa Chief

Cherokee Indians Print (No. 61060038)
Plate 38
Tahchee (or Dutch),
a Cherokee Chief
Delaware Indians Print (No. 61060044)
Plate 44
a Delaware Chief
Yankton Sious Indians Print (No. 61060046)
Plate 46
a Yankton Sioux Chief
Creek Indians Print (No. 61060049)
Plate 49
a Creek Chief

Creek Indians Print (No. 61060050)
Plate 50
a Creek Chief
Fox Indians Print (No. 61060055)
Plate 55
a Fox Brave
Sauk Indians Print (No. 61060057)
Plate 57
a Sauk Chief
Fox Indians Print (No. 61060058)
Plate 58
a Fox Brave

Iowa Indians Print (No. 61060059)
Plate 59
Notchimine (or No Heart),
an Iowa Chief
Fox Indians Print (No. 61060062)
Plate 62
Keesheswa (or "The Sun"),
a Fox Chief
Iowa Indians Print (No. 61060063)
Plate 63
an Iowa Warrior
Creek Indians Print (No. 61060066)
Plate 66
a Creek Warrior

Potawatomi Indians Print (No. 61060067)
Plate 67
a Potawatomi Chief
Winnebago Indians Print (No. 61060074)
Plate 74
Amisquam (or Wooden Ladle),
a Winnebago Brave
Pawnee Indians Print (No. 61060080)
Plate 80
a Pawnee Chief
Cherokee Indians Print (No. 61060092)
Plate 92
Tooantuh (or Spring Frog),
a Cherokee Chief