Antique Butterfly Prints - Book of Butterflies (1834)
Book of Butterflies
(England, 1834)
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These beautiful hand-colored prints of Butterflies, Moth and Sphinx are from the Second Edition of Constable's Miscellany published in 1834.  The Miscellany was a  reference series for the general public focusing on "the various departments of Literature, Science and the Arts".  Each specimen is identified by the English Name, Latin Name and country of origin.  The ones presented on this page are from Asia, North America, South America and Europe.


Price per print: Print Only:  $25
Matting Charge:  $15
Framing & Matting Charge:  $75
Dimensions: Print Only:  3-1/2 x 5-1/2 inches
Matted:  8 x 10 inches
Type of print: Original hand-colored engraving
Year: 1834

Click on any image to see an enlargement of the print

Singe-spot Butterfly (No. 20920016)
Plate 16
Single-spot Butterfly

Azure-blue Butterfly (No. 20920019)
Plate 19
Azure-Blue Butterfly
Drury's Sphinx (No. 20920020)
Plate 20
Drury's Sphinx
Humming Sphinx (No. 20920021)
Plate 21
Clear-winged Humming Sphinx
Convolvulus Sphinx (No. 20920022)
Plate 22
Convolvulus Sphinx

Clivden Moth (No. 20920024)
Plate 24
Clivden Nonpareil Moth

Proserpina Moth (No. 20920026)
Plate 26
Proserpina Moth
(North America)
Silver Line Moth (No. 20920029)
Plate 29
Silver Line Moth
Phorcas Butterfly (No. 20920034)
Plate 34
Phorcas Butterfly
(Sierra Leone)
Marbled Butterfly (No. 20920035)
Plate 35
Marbled Butterfly

Apollo Butterfly (No. 20920039)
Plate 39
Apollo Butterfly

Forked Butterfly (No. 20920040)
Plate 40
Forked Butterfly
(United States)
Silver Stripe Butterfly (No. 20920043)
Plate 43
Silver Stripe Butterfly
Lectrix Moth (No. 20920045)
Plate 45
Lectrix Moth
Radiated Butterfly (No. 20920046)
Plate 46
Radiated Butterfly

Small Copper Butterfly (No. 20920047)
Plate 47
Small Copper Butterfly

Statirian Butterfly (No. 20920048)
Plate 48
Statirian Butterfly
Helenus Butterfly (No. 20920050)
Plate 50
Helenus Butterfly
Charlotte Butterfly (No. 20920056)
Plate 56
Charlotte Butterfly
Cleona Butterfly (No. 20920059)
Plate 59
Cleona Butterfly