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Vanity Fair Prints -
Statesmen and Sovereigns
(England, 1869)
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These prints are from issues of Vanity Fair magazine published in 1869.  The magazine featured some of the most recognized caricatures of European sovereigns, statesmen, judges and "men of the day".  The accompanying text provided a sometimes-satirical biography of the person portrayed.


Price per print: Print Only:  $70
Matting Charge:  $30
Framing & Matting Charge:  $140
Dimensions: Print Only:  8-1/2 x 14 inches
Matted:  14 x 18 inches
Type of print: Original color lithographs
Year: 1869
Other details: Includes original page of accompanying text

Click on any image to see an enlargement of the print

Statesmen (No. 60550008)
Plate 8
Bishop of Peterborough

Statesmen (No. 60550022)
Plate 22
Marquis of Salisbury
Statesmen (No. 60550148)
Plate 148
Lord Carnarvon
Statesmen (No. 60550176)
Plate 176
Duke of Abercorn
Statesmen (No. 60550190)
Plate 190
M. E. Grant-Duff, M.P.

People of the day (No. 60550194)
Plate 194
Mrs. Starr, Late Mother Superior

Sovereigns (No. 60550204)
Plate 204
Leopold II,
King of the Belgian
Statesmen (No. 60550208)
Plate 208
Right Honorable Robert Lowe
Sovereigns (No. 60550218)
Plate 218
Alexander II,
Emperor of Russia
Statesmen (No. 60550250)
Plate 250
Lord Hatherley,
Lord High Chancellor

Statesmen (No. 60550264)
Plate 264
Marquis of Harrington

Men of the Day (No. 60550302)
Plate 302
Le Viscomte Ferdinand
de Lesseps
Statesmen (No. 60550316)
Plate 316
Earl of Zetland
Judges (No. 60550334)
Plate 334
Right Honorable
Sir Alexander Cockburn
Statesmen (No. 60550362)
Plate 362
Archbishop of Canterbury

Statesmen (No. 60550368)
Plate 368
Earl Grey

Statesmen (No. 60550376)
Plate 376
Earl de Grey and Ripon
Statesmen (No. 60550390)
Plate 390
Earl of Derby
Statesmen (No. 60550408)
Plate 408
Earl Russell
Statesmen (No. 60550450)
Plate 450
Lord Stanley

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Earl Kimberley
Lord Cairns
Duke of Somerset
Chichester Fortescue
Henry Austin Bruce
Austen Henry Layard
John Bright
W. E. Forster
Mr. A. S. Ayrton, M.P.
Earl Granville
Abdul Aziz, Sultan of Turkey
Rev. Frederick Temple, Bishop of Exeter
Earl  of Shaftesbury
Edward Cardwell
Lord John Manners, M.P.
James Stansfeld
Duke of Argyll
Earl of Clarendon
G. J. Goschen
Hugh C. E. Childers