Alphabet of Fruit Prints (c. 1870s)
Alphabet of Fruit Prints
(England, c. 1870s)
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These prints are from a scarce First Edition Victorian children's reader using a Fruit theme to teach the letters of the alphabet.  In most of the prints children are shown with adults collecting fruit.

The colorful illustrations were produced by the printing house of Kronheim and Company.  Joseph Kronheim (1810-1896) came to England from Germany working first as an engraver and then lithographer, opening a commercial business in 1846 in London.

Each print is provided with the original page containing a verse about the Fruit that is portrayed.

Note:  This series of prints is sold as a complete collection and not individually.


Price per series: Print Only:  $600  (for the series)
Matted:  $720  (for the series)
Framed:  $1350 (for the series)
Dimensions: Print Only:  6-1/2 x 10 inches
Matted:  13 x 16 inches
Type of print: Original chromolithograph
Year: c. 1870s
Other details: Includes original accompanying pages
with verse (shown by each print below)

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Alphabet of Fruit (No. 11600001)
A is for Apples ...

Alphabet of Fruit (No. 11600002)

Alphabet of Fruit (No. 11600003)
E is for Elder ...

Alphabet of Fruit (No. 11600004)

Alphabet of Fruit (No. 11600005)
Ivy-berries, both purple and blue ...

Alphabet of Fruit (No. 11600006)

Alphabet of Fruit (No. 11600007)
M for the Melon ...

Alphabet of Fruit (No. 11600008)

Alphabet of Fruit (No. 11600009)
Q for the Quince ...

Alphabet of Fruit (No. 11600010)

Alphabet of Fruit (No. 11600011)
The Grape-bearing Vine
grows in Italy ...
Alphabet of Fruit (No. 11600012)