Country Alphabet Prints by Joseph Kronheim
Country Alphabet Prints
by Joseph Kronheim
(England, 1870s)
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These unique Country Alphabet prints are from an 1870s children's picture book published by Frederick Warne and Company of London.  Warne was also the publisher of Beatrix Potter's series of children's books.

The alphabet prints used country scenes to teach children the ABCs.

The chromolithographs were produced by the English printing firm Kronheim and Company, founded by Joseph Kronheim (1810-1896).   Kronheim came to England from Germany in the mid-1830s settling first in Edinburgh as an engraver and lithographer.  He then moved to London and started his own printing business in the mid-1840s.

The alphabet prints are conservation matted to fit a standard 11 x 14 inch frame size.  The mat includes two openings - for the print and the accompanying verse.  See an example of the matted print at the end of this page.


Price per print: Matted:  $70
Framed:  $150
Dimensions: Matted: 11 x 14 inches
Type of print: Original chromolithograph
Year: 1870s
Other details: Includes copy of accompanying verse

Click on any image to see an enlargement of the print

Country Alphabet A Print (No. 70730001)
A stands for Arabian, with Neptune to guard

 Country Alphabet B Print (No. 70730002)
B for the Bees, that fly here and there

Country Alphabet C Print (No. 70730003)
C for the Cows, in the shade of the trees

Country Alphabet D Print (No. 70730004)
D for Ducks, swimming and playing together

Country Alphabet E Print (No. 70730005)
E for the Eggs, which we find in the nest

Country Alphabet F Print (No. 70730006)
F are the Fowls: the hens and the cocks

Country Alphabet G Print (No. 70730007)
G is the Goat, with two kids young and gay

Country Alphabet H Print (No. 70730008)
H is the Horse, so sleek and so strong

Country Alphabet IJ Print (No. 70730009)
I is the Island where Johnny doth wish to sit

Country Alphabet K Print (No. 70730010)
K are the Kittens, that live in the stable

Country Alphabet L Print (No. 70730011)
L is for Lucy, who waits at the stile

Country Alphabet M Print (No. 70730012)
M is the Milk, which is good, Pussy thinks

Country Alphabet N Print (No. 70730013)
N stands for the Nuts

Country Alphabet O Print (No. 70730014)
O for the Owl, that prowling at night

Country Alphabet P Print (No. 70730015)
P for some Pigs, which have strayed from their sty

Country Alphabet Q Print (No. 70730016)
Q stands for Quince I have plucked from a tree

Country Alphabet R Print (No. 70730017)
R for Rabbits, white, spotted and gray

Country Alphabet S Print (No. 70730018)
S for the Sheep, with their coats of soft wool

Country Alphabet T Print (No. 70730019)
T for the Turkey, who stately doth sail

Country Alphabet UV Print (No. 70730020)
U stands for Ursula, and V for the Vine

Country Alphabet W Print (No. 70730021)
W for Wheat, and for Whitey, the Calf

Country Alphabet X Print (No. 70730022)
X means on a Banknote, Ten Dollars, 'tis clear

Country Alphabet Y Print (No. 70730023)
Y is our Farm Yard, where chicks love to feed

Country Alphabet Z Print (No. 70730024)
Z is for Zachary, shutting the gate

Country Alphabet Print - Matted

The Country Alphabet prints are sold matted to fit a standard 11 x 14 inch frame size.
The mat includes two openings - for the print and the accompanying verse.