Mammal and Bird Prints - All Over the World
Mammal and Bird Prints
from All Over the World
(England, 1860s)
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These Mammal and Bird prints are from an 1860s children's reader that introduces animals from all over the world.  As the introduction  says "It may be safely asserted that, among any company of young people, very few will be found who are quite insensible to the delights of traveling".

The prints portray the mammals and birds in their native settings throughout the world, including Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia.

The color engraved prints were produced by the London firm of George Routledge and  Sons.  Routledge (1812-1888) was a British publisher of popular illustrated fiction and non-fiction for both children and adults.  At one point the firm joined forces with the publishing company founded by Frederick Warne and his brother, best known as the publishers of Beatrix Potter's stories.


Price per print: Print Only:  $85
Matting Charge:  $40
Framing & Matting Charge:  $165
Dimensions: Print Only:  10 x 8 inches
Matted:  14 x 16 inches
Type of print: Original color engraving
Year: 1860s

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Stag Print (No. 20990001)
Combat of Two Stags near an Ox

Rabbit Print (No. 20990002)
Squirrel, Roebuck, Does, Fawn, Rabbit

Bear Print (No. 20990003)
Russian Forest - Bear, Bison, Wolf

Ox Print (No. 20990004)
Desert in Central Asia - Musk Ox and Wild Ass

Tiger Print (No. 20990005)
Indian Jungle - Hyena, Elephant, Tiger, Peacock

Monkey Print (No. 20990006)
Swamp in Sumatra - Toucan, Ourang Outang

Camel Print (No. 20990007)
Great African Desert - Camels, Gazelles

Flamingo Print (No. 20990008)
African Birds - Flamingo, Pelican, Heron, Crane

Giraffe Print (No. 20990009)
Nile in Nubia - Ibis, Giraffe, Hippo, Crocodile

Elk Print (No. 20990010)
Northern Canada - Elk, Raccoon, Beaver, Pigeon

Buffalo Print (No. 20990011)
American Prairies - Bear, Buffalo, Prairie Dog

Jaguar Print (No. 20990012)
Forest in Guinea - Jaguar, Toucan, Armadillo

Macaw Print (No. 20990013)
Forest in Brazil - Macaw, Puma, Monkeys

Llama Print (No. 20990014)
Andes Mountain in Peru - Llama, Condor

Kangaroo Print (No. 20990015)
Animals of Australia - Dingo, Kangaroo, Emu

Polar Bear Print (No. 20990016)
Northern Siberia - Polar Bears, Walrus, Arctic Fox

Leopard Print (No. 20990017)
Indian River - Boa, Rhino, Leopard, Buffalo

Zebra Print (No. 20990018)
Antelope, Zebra, Ostrich

Lion Print (No. 20990019)
Cape of Good Hope - Lion, Jackal, Hyenas

Chamois Print (No. 20990020)
Chamois Hunters of the Alps