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(United States, reproduction of 1889 cards)

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Most of the prints featured on our Web site are original antique prints dating from the late 1700s through early 1900s.

Occasionally we come across reproductions of prints that are unique and address an interest that our clients have.  We are pleased to present these reproductions of American baseball cards issued by Allen and Ginter's Cigarettes in the late 1800s.

Each matted print features a series of any 6 cards.  You can select the cards you want to appear on the mat.   When you place your order just specify the names of the players you have chosen.  Accompanying the print is an interesting narrative on the history of the cigarette card.

These cards make an ideal gift for the baseball (or any sports) enthusiast!

Price per series of 6: Matted:  $30
Framed:  $120
Dimensions: 12 x 16 inches (matted)
Type of print: Reproduction of 1889 cigarette cards
Other details: Each print is provided with a narrative on the history of the cigarette card

30030001.jpg (3602 bytes)
Card 1
George F. Miller
30030002.jpg (3871 bytes)
Card 2
Mike Kelly
30030003.jpg (4389 bytes)
Card 3
Adrian C. Anson
30030004.jpg (3976 bytes)
Card 4
Chas. W. Bennett
30030005.jpg (3631 bytes)
Card 5
Capt. Jack Glasscock

30030006.jpg (3888 bytes)
Card 6
John Clarkson
30030007.jpg (3690 bytes)
Card 7
Wm. Ewing
(New York)
30030008.jpg (4056 bytes)
Card 8
Timothy Keefe
30030009.jpg (3550 bytes)
Card 9
Chas. H. Getzin
30030010.jpg (3968 bytes)
Card 10
Jas. H. Fogarty

30030011.jpg (3578 bytes)
Card 11
John Morrell
30030012.jpg (3746 bytes)
Card 12
John M. Ward
30030013.jpg (4358 bytes)
Card 13
Dell Darling
30030014.jpg (4435 bytes)
Card 14
E. A. Burch
30030015.jpg (4577 bytes)
Card 15
Hardie Henderson