Antique Beetle (Coleoptera) Prints - John Curtis (1825-1838)
Beetle (Coleoptera) Prints
by John Curtis
(England, 1825-1838)
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These unique hand-colored prints are from British Entomology, a series of 770 plates by John Curtis illustrating insects native to the British Isles.  Curtis, best known for his botanical illustrations in Curtis's Botanical Magazine (no relation to the publisher), was also an avid student of entomology.  In these prints he combines both interests by accurately and beautifully portraying insects in a botanical setting.  The prints featured on this page include specimens of  Beetles (Order Coleoptera) collected both by Curtis and others.

Together with the work of Edward Donovan, this series represents some of the best of British entomology artistry of the late 1700s-early 1800s.


Price per print: Print Only:  $70
Matting Charge:  $20
Framing & Matting Charge:  $110
Dimensions: Print Only:  5-1/2 x 9 inches
Matted:  12 x 16 inches
Type of print: Original hand-colored engraving
Year: 1825-1838
Other details: Includes original page of accompanying text

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Beetles (No. 20210071)
Plate 71
Necrophorus germanicus

Beetles (No. 20210215)
Plate 215
Telephorus cyaneus
Beetles (No. 20210224)
Plate 224
Heterocerus obssoletus
Beetles (No. 20210247)
Plate 247
Attagenus trifasciatus
Beetles (No. 20210240)
Plate 240
Berosus aericeps

Beetles (No. 20210259)
Plate 259
Bolboceras mobilicornis

Beetles (No. 20210263)
Plate 263
Lycus minutus
Beetles (No. 20210271)
Plate 271
Apate capucinus
Beetles (No. 20210283)
Plate 283
Bitoma crenata
Beetles (No. 20210286)
Plate 286
Trichius variabilis

Beetles (No. 20210330)
Plate 330
Calosoma sycophanta

Beetles (No. 20210339)
Plate 339
Strongylus imperialis
Beetles (No. 20210430)
Plate 430
Hypophlaeus bicolor
Beetles (No. 20210684)
Plate 684
Prostemma guttula
Beetles (No. 20210702)
Plate 702
Typhaea fumata