Antique Beetle Prints from The Naturalist's Library
Beetle Prints
from The Naturalist's Library
(England, 1835)
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These colorful antique Beetle prints are from the The Naturalist's Library. Sir William Jardine, who edited the series, commissioned experts throughout Europe to author each of the 40 volumes organized by four major topics - mammals, birds, insects and fish. The volumes included over 1300 hand-colored plates produced from engravings by William Lizars (1788-1859), the eminent Scottish engraver and painter of topographical views.

The hand-coloring on the Beetle prints is some of the most detailed found in The Naturalist Library, reflecting the great diversity of coloring in Beetles in real life.

Price per print: Print Only:  $35
Matting Charge:  $20
Framing & Matting Charge:  $100
Dimensions: Print Only:  4 x 6-1/2 inches
Matted:  11 x 14 inches
Type of print: Original hand-colored engraving
Year: 1835

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Beetle Print (No. 21560001)
Plate 1
Cicindela, Procerus, Anthia,
Beetle Print (No. 21560002)
Plate 2
Beetle Print (No. 21560003)
Plate 3
Calosoma, Elaphrus, Mormolyce
Beetle Print (No. 21560004)
Plate 4
Dytiscus, Cyclous, Gyrinus, Hydrous

Beetle Print (No. 21560005)
Plate 5
Staphylinus, Bolitobius, Xantholinus,
Beetle Print (No. 21560006)
Plate 6
Buprestis, Buprestis
Beetle Print (No. 21560007)
Plate 7
Beetle Print (No. 21560008)
Plate 8
Elater, Lampyris, Lycus, Priocera

Beetle Print (No. 21560009)
Plate 9
Necrophorus, Necrodes, Silpha, Hister
Beetle Print (No. 21560010)
Plate 10
Ateuchus, Onthophagus, Phanaeus
Beetle Print (No. 21560011)
Plate 11
Beetle Print (No. 21560012)
Plate 12

Beetle Print (No. 21560013)
Plate 13
Beetle Print (No. 21560014)
Plate 14
Scarabaeus, Chrysophora
Beetle Print (No. 21560015)
Plate 15
Rutela, Macraspis, Melolontha
Beetle Print (No. 21560016)
Plate 16

Beetle Print (No. 21560017)
Plate 17
Cetonia, Gymnetis
Beetle Print (No. 21560018)
Plate 18
Chiasognathis, Lucanus
Beetle Print (No. 21560019)
Plate 19
Horia, Meloe, Cantharis
Beetle Print (No. 21560020)
Plate 20
Apoderus, Rhynchites

Beetle Print (No. 21560021)
Plate 21
Brentus, Rhina, Curculio
Beetle Print (No. 21560022)
Plate 22
Curculio, Calandra
Beetle Print (No. 21560023)
Plate 23
Beetle Print (No. 21560024)
Plate 24
Prionus, Lophonocerus

Beetle Print (No. 21560025)
Plate 25
Acrocinus, Lamia
Beetle Print (No. 21560026)
Plate 26
Lamia, Desmocerus
Beetle Print (No. 21560027)
Plate 27
Beetle Print (No. 21560028)
Plate 28

Beetle Print (No. 21560029)
Plate 29
Cassida, Clythra, Chlamys, Doryphora
Beetle Print (No. 21560030)
Plate 30
Alurnus, Chrysomela, Eumolpus, Coccinella