Antique Botanical Prints from The Ladies Botany

Antique Botanical Prints
from The Ladies Botany

(England, 1848)
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These hand colored Botanical prints are from The Ladies' Botany, a "familiar introduction to the study of the natural system of botany".  It was published for the general public and used the concept of "tribes" when discussing similar flowers, instead of the more scientific classifications used in many botanical works of the day.

The Botanical prints are based on illustrations by Miss S. A. (Sarah) Drake (1803-1857) one the best known - and most prolific - botanical artists of her time.  She is best know for her contribution to Sydenham Edwards' Botanical Register, prints from which are also shown on our site.

Miss Drake collaborated with John Lindley in the completion of The Ladies' BotanyLindley (1799-1865) was an English botanist, gardener, orchidologist and professor of botany at University College in London.  Lindley authored the text which appeared in this work, a copy of which is provided with each of the botanical prints.


Price per print: Print Only:  $65
Matting Charge:  $20
Framing & Matting Charge:  $110
Dimensions: Print Only:  5 x 8-1/2 inches
Matted:  12 x 16 inches
Type of print: Original hand colored engraving
Year: 1848
Other details: Includes copy of accompanying text pages

Click on any image to see an enlargement of the print

Poppy Print (No. 11980001)
Plate 1
Meadow Crowfoot
and Naked-stalked Poppy
Geranium Print (No. 11980002)
Plate 2
Fools Parsley
and Meadow Geranium
Primrose Print (No. 11980003)
Plate 3
Evening Primrose and Myrtle
Violet Print (No. 11980004)
Plate 4
Shepherd's Purse
and Heartsease (Violet)

Passionflower Print (No. 11980005)
Plate 5
Passionflower and Fall Tutsan
Calandrinia Print (No. 11980007)
Plate 7
Glaucous Pink
and Large-flowered Calandrinia
Strawberry Print (No. 11980008)
Plate 8
and Narrow-leaved Restharrow
Hazelnut Print (No. 11980010)
Plate 10
Marvel of Peru and Hazelnut

Gentian Print (No. 11980013)
Plate 13
Stemless Gentian and Privet
Honeysuckle Print (No. 11980014)
Plate 14
Ukraine Harebell
and Minorca Honeysuckle
Nightshade Print (No. 11980015)
Plate 15
Violet Alkanet
and Black Nightshade
Foxglove Print (No. 11980016)
Plate 16
Black Horehound
and Purple Foxglove

Marigold Print (No. 11980017)
Plate 17
French Marigold
and Broad-leaved Ribgrass
Alstromeria Print (No. 11980018)
Plate 18
Sharp-leaved Alstromeria
and Wavy Feraria
Orchis Print (No. 11980019)
Plate 19
Streaked Onion and Fool's Orchis
Tulip Print (No. 11980020)
Plate 20
Ecluse's Tulip and Field Luzula

Mushroom Print (No. 11980025)
Plate 25
Lichen, Seaweed and Mushrooms
Cactus Print (No. 11980030)
Plate 30
Cactus and Bryony
Begonia Print (No. 11980031)
Plate 31
Stained Begonia
and Villet's Fig Marigold
Rose Print (No. 11980032)
Plate 32
Lythrum and Purple Rock Rose

Venus Flytrap Print (No. 11980034)
Plate 34
Venus Flytrap
Walnut Print (No. 11980036)
Plate 36
Rose-coloured Horse Chestnut
and Walnut
Mezereum Print (No. 11980041)
Plate 41
Mezereum and Sweet Bay
Cowslip Print (No. 11980042)
Plate 42
Cowslip and Pink Epacris

Trumpet-flower Print (No. 11980043)
Plate 43
Many-coloured Slender-tube
and Trumpet-flower
Jasmine Print (No. 11980045)
Plate 45
White Jasmine and Pink Asclepias
Waterlily Print (No. 11980049)
Plate 49
Water Plantain and White Waterlily
Mango Print (No. 11980050)
Plate 50
Mango Fruit