Brownie Prints by T. C. Gilbert (1905)
Brownie Prints
by T. C. Gilbert
(United States, 1905)
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These prints are from the First Edition of a child's reader using make-believe characters called "Brownies" to teach traits such as kindness and helpfulness, while enjoying play activities.  The characters are in the style of those originally drawn by Palmer Cox.

As is noted in the author's comments "The little brownie men never forget to be polite to each other and thoughtful for the comfort of those about them".


Price per print: Print Only:  $30
Matting Charge:  $15
Framing & Matting Charge:  $85
Dimensions: Print Only:  5 x 6 inches
Matted:  9 x 12 inches
Type of print: Original color print
Year: 1905

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Brownies (No. 70420020)
Plate 20
We help poor people

Brownies (No. 70420024)
Plate 24
We like to play marbles
Brownies (No. 70420029)
Plate 29
See us swim!
Brownies (No. 70420031)
Plate 31
Fall, weeds, fall!
Brownies (No. 70420037)
Plate 37
My home is in this apple tree

Brownies (No. 70420043)
Plate 43
I am at home

Brownies (No. 70420046)
Plate 46
I like the little bees
Brownies (No. 70420054)
Plate 54
We like to paint the flowers
Brownies (No. 70420056)
Plate 56
Let us paint the leaves
Brownies (No. 70420059)
Plate 59
Let us cover the flowers

Brownies (No. 70420069)
Plate 69
Should you like some grapes?

Brownies (No. 70420073)
Plate 73
Oh, see the Jack-o'-lanterns!
Brownies (No. 70420079)
Plate 79
What fun we shall have!
Brownies (No. 70420086)
Plate 86
Christmas is coming
Brownies (No. 70420091)
Plate 91
Come, brownies, jump in