Antique Butterfly and Moth Prints by Edward Donovan
Antique Butterfly and Moth Prints
by Edward Donovan
(England, 1793)
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These richly hand-colored and detailed Butterfly and Moth prints are from the First Edition of Edward Donovan's (1768-1837) Natural History of British Insects.
  Together with the work by John Curtis, they represent some of the best of British entomology artistry of the late 1700s-early 1800s.

Each Butterfly and Moth print is provided with the original page of accompanying text, authored by Edwards, which discusses the species in more detail including their "transformations, food and economy".


Price per print: Print Only:  As shown
Matting Charge:  $20
Framing & Matting Charge:  $110
Dimensions: Print Only:  5-1/2 x 9 inches
Matted:  12 x 16 inches
Type of print: Original hand-colored engraving
Year: 1793
Other details: Includes original page of accompanying text

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Moth Prints (No. 20740010)
Plate 10
YellowTail Moth

(Phalaena chrysorrhoea)
Butterfly Prints (No. 20740043)
Plate 43
Saffron Butterfly
(Papilio hyale)
Moth Prints (No. 20740059)
Plate 59
(Pahlaena pavonana)
Moth Prints (No. 20740082)
Plate 82
Early Thorn Moth
(Phalaena ustularia)
Moth Prints (No. 20740085)
Plate 85
Puss Moth
(Phalaena vinula)

Butterfly Prints (No. 20740089)
Plate 89
Camberwell Beauty

(Papilio antiopa)
Moth Prints (No. 20740091)
Plate 91
Spotted Elephant Sphinx
(Sphinx euphorbiae)
Butterfly and Moth Prints (No. 20740095)
Plate 95
Lackey Moth
(Phalaena neustria)
Moth Prints (No. 20740097)
Plate 97
Dartford Emerald Moth
(Phalaena lucidata)
Moth Prints (No. 20740136)
Plate 136
Many-feathered Moth
(Phalaena hexadactyla)

Moth Prints (No. 20740141)
Plate 141
Scarlet Tiger Moth

(Phalaena dominula)
Moth Prints (No. 20740152)
Plate 152
Wood Leopard Moth
(Phalaena aesculi)
Moth Prints (No. 20740165)
Plate 165
Ealing's Glory
(Phalaena oxyacanthae)
Butterfly Prints (No. 20740169)
Plate 169
Wood Lady
(Papilio cardamines)
Moth Prints (No. 20740170)
Plate 170
Clifden Non-pareil
(Phalaena fraxini)