Foreign Butterfly Prints - The Naturalist's Library
Foreign Butterfly Prints
from The Naturalist's Library
(England, 1837)
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These vibrant prints are from the Foreign Butterflies volume of The Naturalist's Library.  Sir William Jardine, who edited the series, commissioned experts throughout Europe to author each of the 40 volumes organized by four major topics - mammals, birds, insects and fish.  The volumes included over 1300 hand-colored plates produced from engravings by William Lizars, the eminent Scottish engraver and painter of topographical views.


Price per print: Print Only:  $60
Matting Charge:  $20
Framing & Matting Charge:  $100
Dimensions: Print Only:  4 x 6-1/2 inches
Matted:  11 x 14 inches
Type of print: Original hand-colored engraving
Year: 1837

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Butterfly Print (No. 21450001)
Plate 1
Ornithoptera Priamus and O. Remus
Butterfly Print (No. 21450002)
Plate 2
Papilio Memnon and P. Aeneas
Butterfly Print (No. 21450003)
Plate 3
Papilio Ascanius and P. Paris
Butterfly Print (No. 21450004)
Plate 4
Papilio Protesilaus and P. Sinon

Butterfly Print (No. 21450005)
Plate 5
Leptocircus Curius & Thais
Butterfly Print (No. 21450006)
Plate 6
Pieris Epicharis and P. Philyra
Butterfly Print (No. 21450007)
Plate 7
Pieris Belisama, Anthocharis Danai,
Butterfly Print (No. 21450008)
Plate 8
Callidryas Eubule and
Terias Mexicana

Butterfly Print (No. 21450009)
Plate 9
Euploea Limniace and
E. Plexippe
Butterfly Print (No. 21450010)
Plate 10
Idea Agelia and I. Daos
Butterfly Print (No. 21450011)
Plate 11
Heliconia Erato and H. Cynisca
Butterfly Print (No. 21450012)
Plate 12
Heliconia Flora and
Acraea Pasiphae

Butterfly Print (No. 21450013)
Plate 13
Cethosia Dido
Butterfly Print (No. 21450014)
Plate 14
Cethosia Cyane
Butterfly Print (No. 21450015)
Plate 15
Vamessa Juliana, V. Amathea,
V. Orithya
Butterfly Print (No. 21450016)
Plate 16
Charaxes Jasius

Butterfly Print (No. 21450017)
Plate 17
Nymphalis Ethiocles and
N. Tiridates
Butterfly Print (No. 21450018)
Plate 18
Peridromia Arethusa and
P. Amphinome
Butterfly Print (No. 21450019)
Plate 19
Marius Tethys and Fabius Hippona
Butterfly Print (No. 21450020)
Plate 20
Catagramma Candomanus and
C. Pyramus

Butterfly Print (No. 21450021)
Plate 21
Morpho Helenor
Butterfly Print (No. 21450022)
Plate 22
Morpho Adonis and
Pavonia Teucer
Butterfly Print (No. 21450023)
Plate 23
Arpidea Chorinaea
Butterfly Print (No. 21450024)
Plate 24
Helicopis Cupido and
Erycina Octavius

Butterfly Print (No. 21450025)
Plate 25
Erycina Melibaeus and
Laxura Alcides
Butterfly Print (No. 21450026)
Plate 26
Polyommatus Marsyas and
P. Endymion
Butterfly Print (No. 21450027)
Plate 27
Polyommatus Venus and
P. Achaeus
Butterfly Print (No. 21450028)
Plate 28
Thaliura Rhipheus

Butterfly Print (No. 21450029)
Plate 29
Urania Sloanus and U. Leilus
Butterfly Print (No. 21450030)
Plate 30
Rhipeus Dasycephalus