Cat Cigarette Card Prints - John Player Cigarettes (1936)
Cat Cigarette Card Prints -
John Player and Sons
(England, 1936)
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This series of authorized reproductions of English "Cat" cigarette cards was originally issued by Players Cigarettes in 1936.  Each card portrays a different breed of Cat.  The reverse side of the card has a narrative on the characteristics and history of the breed.

An "authorized reproduction" means that our supplier in England has acquired the rights to accurately reproduce the original card - both front and back sides of the card.  These reproductions have been issued over the years for popular Cigarette Card series where the original cards have become increasingly scarce.

Each cigarette card print is conservation matted.  Framing services are also available.   Accompanying the print is an interesting narrative on the history of the cigarette card.

Click here to learn more about English Cigarette Cards.

Price per print: Matted:  $20
Framed:  $60
Dimensions: 5 x 7 (matted)
Year: Authorized reproduction of the 1936 cigarette cards
Other details: Each print is provided with a narrative
on the history of the cigarette card

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Wild Cat (No. 21810001)
British Wild Cat

Short-haired Black (No. 21810002)
Short-haired Black

Short-haired Black and White (No. 21810003)
Short-haired Black and White

Short-haired Blue (No. 21810004)
Short-haired Blue

Brown Tabby (No. 21810005)
Short-haired Brown Tabby

Brown Tabby Manx (No. 21810006)
Brown Tabby Manx

Red Tabby (No. 21810007)
Short-haired Red Tabby

Silver Tabby (No. 21810008)
Short-haired Spotted Silver Tabby

Silver Tabby (No. 21810009)
Short-haired Silver Tabby

Tortoiseshell (No. 21810010)
Short-haired Tortoiseshell

Short-haired White (No. 21810011)
Short-haired White

Abyssinian (No. 21810012)

Russian Blue (No. 21810013)
Russian (or Archangel) Blue

Siamese (No. 21810014)

Long-haired Black (No. 21810015)
Long-haired Black

Long-haired Blue (No. 21810016)
Long-haired Blue

Chinchilla (No. 21810017)
Long-haired Chinchilla

Long-haired Cream (No. 21810018)
Long-haired Cream

Long-haired Smoke (No. 21810019)
Long-haired Smoke

Long-haired Brown Tabby (No. 21810020)
Long-haired Brown Tabby

Red Tabby (No. 21810021)
Long-haired Red Tabby

Silver Tabby (No. 21810022)
Long-haired Silver Tabby

Long-haired Tortoiseshell and White (No. 21810023)
Long-haired Tortoiseshell and White

Long-haired White (No. 21810024)
Long-haired White

How We Mat Cigarette Cards

Cigarette cards are conservation matted using an acid-free mat board
and 100% cotton rag backing board.  The cards are "hinged" to the
backing board using an acid-free hinging tape.

In addition to the window on the front mat to display the card,
we also cut a window on the backing board so the reverse side of the
card can be read.

The mat color is called "Wheat", a neutral, beige-like color that works well
with wood, gold and metal frames.  Mats are decorated with a single gold line

drawn around the mat window - a technique called "French lining".

Conservation Framing services are also available.
Click here to view samples of the mouldings we work with.

Framed Dog Cigarette Card print

Example of a framed Dog Cigarette Card print