French Children's Game Prints (1890s-1910s)
French Children's Game Prints
(France, 1890s-1910s)
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These prints are actual boards from children's games published in France in the late 1800s through early 1900s.

The games were designed by Leon Saussine, whose publishing company produced a variety of games featuring racing, strategy, puzzles, cards, questions and answers and skill.  His games were exhibited at the world's fair in 1878.


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Type of print: Original color lithographs
Year: 1890s-1910s

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French (No. 60980001)
The Jewelry Store
(Dice Game)
French (No. 60980002)
The Toy Store
(Dice Game)
French (No. 60980003)
The Pastry Store
(Dice Game)
French (No. 60980004)
The Grocery Store
(Dice Game)
French (No. 60980005)
Bold Fishermen


French (No. 60980006)
Our Brave Reservists

French (No. 60980007)

French (No. 60980008)
Firemen of Nanterre

French (No. 60980009)
Mountain Climbers

French (No. 60980010)


French (No. 60980016)
Alphabet Game

French (No. 60980017)
On the Ice
(Sur la Glace)

Children's Game Prints Sold as a Pair
French (No. 60980011)
North America
(Map Game)
French (No. 60980018)
French (No. 60980012)
Oceana - Asia/Pacific
(Map Game)
French (No. 60980013)

French (No. 60980014)
South America
(Map Game)
French (No. 60980015)