Antique Children's Math Tutorial Prints from England
Children's Math Tutorial Prints
(England, 1860s)
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The prints shown here are some of the most interesting in our collection.  They are from a children's math tutorial from the mid-1800s.  Each print has illustrations, and accompanying questions, which the tutor would use when instructing a student in counting and arithmetic concepts.  From what we have gathered, this was used more for teaching the children of the wealthy as most textbooks from this period have black and white illustrations, as compared to the hand-colored engravings featured in this tutorial.


Price per print: Print Only:  $150
Matting Charge:  $25
Framing & Matting Charge:  $135
Dimensions: Print Only:  12 x 10 inches
Matted:  14 x 16 inches
Type of print: Original hand-colored engraving
Year: 1860s

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Math Tutorial (No. 70560004)
Plate 4
"How many storks are among the birds?"

Math Tutorial (No. 70560005)
Plate 5
"How many houses are 1 house & 1 house?"
Math Tutorial (No. 70560011)
Plate 11
"Which of these Poodle dogs have their hair cut?"
Math Tutorial (No. 70560012)
Plate 12
"How many corners has the book?"

Math Tutorial (No. 70560014)
Plate 14
"What are the cows doing by the fountain?"

Math Tutorial (No. 70560015)
Plate 15
"If 2 out of 5 cups are broken how many remain?"
Math Tutorial (No. 70560016)
Plate 16
"Name the different parts of the onion"
Math Tutorial (No. 70560017)
Plate 17
"Are all these fir trees equally large?"

Math Tutorial (No. 70560018)
Plate 18
"How many boys are fallen to the ground?"

Math Tutorial (No. 70560019)
Plate 19
"What do you see beside the bottles?"
Math Tutorial (No. 70560020)
Plate 20
"In what countries are goats found?"
Math Tutorial (No. 70560026)
Plate 26
"How many feet has a goose?"

Math Tutorial (No. 70560027)
Plate 27
"How many horsemen can you count?"

Math Tutorial (No. 70560028)
Plate 28
"How many of these soldiers blow the trumpet?"
Math Tutorial (No. 70560029)
Plate 29
"What do you call the place where vines grow?"
Math Tutorial (No. 70560030)
Plate 30
"In what season are sledges used?"

Math Tutorial (No. 70560031)
Plate 31
"How many young birds are in these nests?"

Math Tutorial (No. 70560032)
Plate 32
"What is the difference between boots and shoes?"
Math Tutorial (No. 70560033)
Plate 33
"9 flowers and 1 flower are 10 flowers"
Math Tutorial (No. 70560034)
Plate 34
"What is in the bee-house?"

Math Tutorial (No. 70560035)
Plate 35
"How many trees are on the left side of the river?