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(England, reproduction of 1939 cards)
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Most of the prints featured on our Web site are original antique prints dating from the late 1700s through early 1900s.

Occasionally we come across reproductions of prints that are unique and address an interest that our clients have.  We are pleased to present these reproductions of English "Golf" cigarette cards.   The cards were originally issued by Players Cigarettes in 1939.  Each card portrays a well-known English Golfer from the 1930s demonstrating different Golf strokes.

Each matted print features a series of any 4 cards.  You can select the cards you want to appear on the mat.   When you place your order just specify the Card Numbers or names of the Golfer you have chosen.  Accompanying the print is an interesting narrative on the history of the cigarette card.

These cards make an ideal gift for the Golfing (or any sports) enthusiast!

Click to view images of the matted "Golf" cigarette card print.

Price per series of 4: Matted:  $35
Framed:  $135
Dimensions: 11 x 14 (matted)
Year: Reproduction of 1939 cigarette cards
Other details: Each print is provided with a narrative
on the history of the cigarette card

30120001.jpg (4028 bytes)
Card 1
James Adams - Drive

30120002.jpg (3777 bytes)
Card 2
Percy Alliss - No. 1 Iron Shot
30120003.jpg (3852 bytes)
Card 3
A. G. Beck - No. 4 Iron Shot
30120004.jpg (3890 bytes)
Card 4
Aubrey Boomer - Mashie Shot

30120005.jpg (3857 bytes)
Card 5
W. J. Branch - No. 6 Long Chip Shot
30120006.jpg (3604 bytes)
Card 6
Richard Burton - Mashie Shot
30120007.jpg (3735 bytes)
Card 7
J. J. Busson - Shot from Bunker
30120008.jpg (4048 bytes)
Card 8
Archie Compston - Drive

30120009.jpg (3896 bytes)
Card 9
Henry Cotton - Drive
30120010.jpg (4069 bytes)
Card 10
W. J. Cox - Putting
30120011.jpg (4078 bytes)
Card 11
Allan Dailey - Pitch and Run Shot
30120012.jpg (3987 bytes)
Card 12
W. H. Davies - Brassie Shot

30120013.jpg (3896 bytes)
Card 13
C. S. Denny - Bunker Shot
30120014.jpg (4069 bytes)
Card 14
George Duncan - Spoon Shot
30120015.jpg (4078 bytes)
Card 15
Syd Easterbrook

- Short Approach Shot
30120016.jpg (3987 bytes)
Card 16
Bert Gadd - No. 2 Iron Full Shot

30120017.jpg (3796 bytes)
Card 17
Bert Hodson - Spoon Shot
30120018.jpg (4115 bytes)
Card 18
Sam King - No. 6 Iron, Chip Shot
30120019.jpg (4172 bytes)
Card 19
A. J. Lacey - No. 3 Iron Shot
30120020.jpg (3917 bytes)
Card 20
Abe Mitchell - Putting

30120021.jpg (3913 bytes)
Card 21
A. H. Padgham - Drive
30120022.jpg (4098 bytes)
Card 22
Dai Rees - Stymie
30120023.jpg (3738 bytes)
Card 23
W. T. Twine - Brassie Shot
30120024.jpg (4241 bytes)
Card 24
C. A. Whitcombe -

No. 1 Iron - Full Shot