Antique Sports Prints - Equestrian Prints by John Leech
Equestrian Prints
by John Leech
(England, mid-1800s)
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These whimsical hand-colored prints are by John Leech (1817-1864).  Leech originally was a medical student, though turned to full-time illustrating when his teachers became aware of his superb anatomical drawings and began commissioning him to do portraits.  Leech is best known for his contribution to Punch Magazine which published over 3000 of his drawings and 600 cartoons.

The prints shown here are from illustrations Leech did to accompany sporting stories, most focusing on equestrian themes.

Price per print: Print Only:  $50
Matting Charge:  $20
Framing & Matting Charge:  $100
Dimensions: Print Only:  8-1/2 x 5-1/2 inches
Matted:  11 x 14 inches
Type of print: Original hand-colored engravings
Year: Mid-1800s

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Mr. Romford's Hounds

30080001.jpg (24872 bytes)
Simon Heavy-side
and his hounds
30080002.jpg (24116 bytes)
The View
30080003.jpg (25809 bytes)
'Let me try then' said Lucy
30080004.jpg (31268 bytes)
'Rot the beggar'
acclaims Romford
30080005.jpg (26027 bytes)
What matter did it make
to him how she rode
30080006.jpg (28393 bytes)
The Loose Box door
was opened
30080007.jpg (25278 bytes)
Fresh as a four year old

The Richest Commoner in England

30090001.jpg (24872 bytes)
The Gift Horse
30090002.jpg (24116 bytes)
Imperial John's attempt
to show the way
30090003.jpg (25809 bytes)
The great Match between
Mr. Flintoff and Jack Rogers
30090004.jpg (31268 bytes)
Jack Rogers putting
his nerves to right

Mr. Sponge's Sporting Tour

John Leach Prints (No. 30100001)
Mr. Sponge is introduced
to Ercles
John Leach Prints (No. 30100004)
Mr. Sponge arrives
at Sir Harry's
John Leach Prints (No. 30100005)
Mr. Jogglebury Crowdey
with his dog and gun
John Leach Prints (No. 30100006)
Mr. Sponge at
Jawleyford Court
John Leach Prints (No. 30100007)
One of Multum-in-Parvo's
"Going" Days
John Leach Prints (No. 30100008)
Mr. Sponge at
Farmer Springwheat's
John Leach Prints (No. 30100009)
Mr. Sponge completely scatters
his Lordship
John Leach Prints (No. 30100010)
Mr. Bragg's Equestrian Portrait
John Leach Prints (No. 30100011)
Hunting the Hounds
John Leach Prints (No. 30100012)
Lucy Glitters
showing the way
John Leach Prints (No. 30100013)
Mr. Sponge declares himself


Mr. Jorrocks Hunt

30110001.jpg (24872 bytes)
Michael Hardey
30110002.jpg (24116 bytes)
Mr. Jorrocks starting for
'The cut me down Countries'
30110003.jpg (25809 bytes)
Mr. Jorrocks enters
into Handley Cross
30110004.jpg (31268 bytes)
Come hup! I say,
You ugly Beast!
30110005.jpg (31268 bytes)
Mr. Jorrocks has
a Bye Day
30110006.jpg (24872 bytes)
The Kill on The Cat
and Custard Pot Day
30110007.jpg (24116 bytes)
Mind the Bull
30110008.jpg (25809 bytes)
The Pomponius Ego Day
30110009.jpg (31268 bytes)
Mr. Jorrocks wants twenty
30110010.jpg (31268 bytes)
Mr. Barege and The Draft
30110011.jpg (24872 bytes)
Pigg in the
Melon Frame