Equestrian and Veterinary Prints (Late 1800s)
Equestrian and
Veterinary Prints
(England, Late 1800s)
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These unique prints are taken from a late 1800s series entitled " Practical Farriery, forming a Complete System of the Veterinary Art".  The prints presented equestrian sporting scenes and derby winners, as well as more "technical" veterinary subjects such as the anatomy of the horse, horseshoes, determining a horse's age from its teeth, etc.


Price per print: Print Only:  As shown
Matting Charge:  $25
Framing & Matting Charge:  $135
Dimensions: Print Only:  11 x 9 inches
Matted:  14 x 16 inches
Type of print: Original lithographs
Year: Late 1800s

Click on any image to see an enlargement of the print

Farriery (No. 30250001)
Group of Ponies

Farriery (No. 30250002)
Clydesdale Stallion
"Grand National"
Farriery (No. 30250003)
The Hunter "Glengarry"

Farriery (No. 30250004)
Derby Stakes Winner, 1890
Farriery (No. 30250019)
Arabian and
Godolphin Barb

Farriery (No. 30250005)
Paces of the Horse

Farriery (No. 30250006)

Farriery (No. 30250007)
The Stable and
Stable Fittings
Farriery (No. 30250008)
Single and
Pair of Horse Harnesses
Farriery (No. 30250009)
Method of Slinging
the Horse

Farriery (No. 30250010)
The Goodenough Shoe

Farriery (No. 30250011)
Veterinary Instruments
and Apparatus
Farriery (No. 30250012)
Farrier Tools and
Farriery (No. 30250013)
Variety of Shoes -
Plate 1
Farriery (No. 30250014)
Variety of Shoes -
Plate 2

Farriery (No. 30250015)
The Bones of the Horse

Farriery (No. 30250016)
The Muscles of the Horse

Farriery (No. 30250017)
Ages of the Horse
(Birth to 5 Years)
Farriery (No. 30250018)
Ages of the Horse
(6 Years to Extreme Old Age)