Fortune Magazine Covers from 1934
Fortune Magazine Covers
from 1934
(United States, 1934)
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These original Fortune magazine covers are from 1934 - the fifth year of publication for the magazine.

Henry Luce, publisher of Fortune, said he wanted "the new magazine to be as beautiful a magazine as exists in the United States.   If possible, the undisputed most beautiful".  To that end  leading artists of the day contributed to the design of the covers including Antonio Petruccelli, Ervine Metzl, Walter Buehr and Ernest Hamlin Baker.  Where possible, we identify the artist for the cover.

The covers are notable both for the quality of the graphics, and their commentary on business, social and political issues of the day.

Each Fortune cover is provided with a copy of the table of contents from the issue.


Price per print: Print Only:  $90
Matting Charge:  $30
Framing & Matting Charge:  $175
Dimensions: Print Only:  11 x 14 inches
Matted:  16 x 20 inches
Type of print: Original magazine covers
Year: 1934

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Fortune - Fortune (No. 60203401)
January 1934
(Ernest Hamlin Baker)
Fortune Magazine Covers - 1934 (No. 60203402)
February 1934
(Arnold Hall)
Fortune Magazine Covers - 1934 (No. 60203403)
March 1934
(Victor Beals)

Fortune Magazine Covers - 1934 (No. 60203404)
April 1934
(Antonio Petruccelli)
Fortune Magazine Covers - 1934 (No. 60203405)
May 1934
(F. V. Carpenter)
Fortune Magazine Covers - 1934 (No. 60203406)
June 1934
(Pierre Brissaud)

Fortune Magazine Covers - 1934 (No. 60203407)
July 1934
(Antonio Petruccelli)
Fortune Magazine Covers - 1934 (No. 60203408)
August 1934
(Ernest Hamlin Baker)
Fortune Magazine Covers - 1934 (No. 60203409)
September 1934
(Thomas Wood)

Fortune Magazine Covers - 1934 (No. 60203410)
October 1934
(Antonio Petruccelli)
Fortune Magazine Covers - 1934 (No. 60203411)
November 1934
(Roger Duvoisin)
Fortune Magazine Covers - 1934 (No. 60203412)
December 1934
(Antonio Petruccelli)

News Events for 1934

U. S. Gold Reserve Act authorizes the president to revalue the dollar
U. S. Federal Farm Mortgage Corporation organized
A refrigeration process for meat cargoes is devised
Alexander Fleming: "Recent Advances in Vaccine and Serum Therapy"
Nobel Prize for Chemistry:  Harold Urey for his discovery of heavy hydrogen
W. Beebe descends 3,028 feet into the ocean off Bermuda
Sophia Loren born
Joe Louis wins his first fight against Jack Kracken (Chicago)
S. S. Normandie launched; the largest ship afloat till "Queen Elizabeth"
"Morro Castle" burns and sinks off Asbury Park, NJ
F. Scott Fitzgerald: "Tender is the Night"

Popular songs: "Blue Moon", "The Continental", "Stars Fell on Alabama"