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Due to the antique nature of many of our prints, we use acid-free mat board, backing board and hinging tape when preparing matted prints.   These materials help to insure the integrity of the prints for many years to come.

While there are many colors of mat board available, we have standardized on a mat color called "Wheat", very similar to beige.  This neutral color is a good complement for almost any frame and home decor.

Additionally, we decorate each mat board with a thin gold line drawn around the mat window.


Prints with a Past offers custom framing services for any print you purchase using a variety of gold and wood moulding styles.

If you have been to a framing shop, you know there are literally hundreds of different moulding styles available.  We have selected a handful of mouldings that are a conservative, yet classy complement to the antique nature of the prints we have on display.

These moulding styles are shown below.  If you are interested in having us frame your print, please reference the identification number associated with each moulding style.

Gold Frames

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Wood Frames
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