Liturgical Prints from Missale Romanum
Liturgical Prints
from Missale Romanum
(Italy, c. 1650s)
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These liturgical prints are from an edition of the Missale Romanum (or Roman Missal) dating to the 1650s.

The Missale Romanum is the liturgical book containing the text used in the celebration of the Mass of the Roman Rite of the Roman Catholic Church.  Included was the Sacramentary with the prayers, one or more books of Scriptural readings and the antiphons (responses, usually sung in Gregorian chant) to a psalm or some other part of the religious service.

The antiphon woodblocks presented on this page include a practice known as rubrication where a letter, word or section of the text is printed in red ink to highlight it.


Price per print: Print Only:  $90
Matting Charge:  $30
Framing & Matting Charge:  $175
Dimensions: Print Only:  12 x 16 inches
Matted:  16 x 20 inches
Type of print: Original color wood block engraving
Year: c. 1650s

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Liturgical Prints (No. 60820035)
Plate 35
Ad Matutinum
Liturgical Prints (No. 60820038)
Plate 38
Dominica Adventus
Liturgical Prints (No. 60820042)
Plate 42
Dominica Adventus

Liturgical Prints (No. 60820083)
Plate 83
Infra Hebdomadam Adventus
Liturgical Prints (No. 60820092)
Plate 92
Infra Hebdomadam Adventus
Liturgical Prints (No. 60820095)
Plate 95
Ad Matutinum

Liturgical Prints (No. 60820166)
Plate 166
Cantus Psalmi Venite
Liturgical Prints (No. 60820169)
Plate 169
Cantus Psalmi Venite
Liturgical Prints (No. 60820249)
Plate 249
Ad Matutinum

Liturgical Prints (No. 60820254)
Plate 254
Dominica Septuagesimae
Liturgical Prints (No. 60820288)
Plate 288
Dominica In Quinquagesima
Liturgical Prints (No. 60820444)
Plate 444
Dominica In Ramis Palmarum