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London Traveler Maps
(England, 1908)
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These maps are from a 1908 traveler's handbook to London and surrounding areas.   Included are maps portraying the railway lines servicing London, street maps for some of the more popular areas, and schematics for tourist attractions.  The maps are notable for presenting their detail in such a compact format.


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Year: 1908

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London (No. 40110001)
Railway Plan of London
and Its Suburbs  **

London (No. 40110002)
The West End -
Baker Street to Soho

London (No. 40110003)
Holborn, Fleet Street, Strand

London (No. 40110004)
The City from St. Paul's
to The Tower

London (No. 40110005)
The West End - Hyde Park,
Belgravia, The Thames


London (No. 40110006)
St. Paul's Cathedral

London (No. 40110007)
The Tower

London (No. 40110008)
The National Gallery

London (No. 40110009)
National Portrait Gallery

London (No. 40110010)
Natural History Museum


London (No. 40110011)
Victoria and Albert Museum

London (No. 40110013)
Parliament and
Westminster Hall
London (No. 40110014)
Westminster Abbey

London (No. 40110015)
Zoological Gardens
London (No. 40110016)
British Museum -
Ground Floor

London (No. 40110017)
British Museum -
First Floor
London (No. 40110018)
Richmond, Kingston and
Surrounding Areas

London (No. 40110019)
Hampton Court Palace

London (No. 40110020)
Royal Botanic Gardens -
London (No. 40110021)
Windsor Castle


** About the London Railway Plan

Today's traveler to London is very familiar with the Underground Diagram (see map at right).  This Diagram debuted in the 1930s and was based on a design by Harry Beck, a junior draftsman working for the Underground.  Beck was looking for a different approach to mapping the railways using an easy-to-follow diagrammatic method based on straight lines.  The Diagram was an immediate hit with the riding public, and as they say, "the rest was history".

The Railway Plan dating to 1908 presented here was the predecessor to Beck's Diagram.  It presents the routes for both the Underground and commuter rail lines servicing the areas surrounding London.

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