Mammal Prints from the Gallery of Natural History (1885)
Mammal Prints
from the Gallery of Natural History
(France, 1885)
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These beautiful hand-colored prints are from the French natural history reference Galerie D'Histoire Naturelle (Gallery of Natural History).  The prints are based on illustrations by the French artists H. Gobin and Edouard Traviès.  One of the unique aspects of these prints is that each mammal is featured in a natural setting, though the coloring is only to the subject itself. 


Price per print: Print Only:  As shown
Matting Charge:  $20
Framing & Matting Charge:  $110
Dimensions: Print Only:  6-1/2 x 10-1/2 inches
Matted:  12 x 16 inches
Type of print: Original hand-colored engraving
Year: 1885

Click on any image to see an enlargement of the print

Jaguar (No. 22020001)
Jaguar and Panther

Lion (No. 22020002)
Lion and Lioness

Tiger (No. 22020003)

Orang-outang (No. 22020004)

Badger (No. 22020005)
Badger and White Bear


Beaver (No. 22020006)
Otter and Beaver

Rhinoceros (No. 22020007)

Bears (No. 22020008)
Brown and Black Bears

Hippopotamus (No. 22020009)

Camel (No. 22020010)
Dromedary and Camel


Seal (No. 22020011)
Seal, Walrus
and Sea Lion
Donkey (No. 22020013)
Donkey and Zebra

Dogs (No. 22020014)

Cow (No. 22020016)
Bull, Cow and Calf

Arabian Horse (No. 22020017)
Horses -
Arabian and Persian

Giraffe (No. 22020018)

Llama (No. 22020019)
Llama and
Cow of Tartar