School Geography Maps from 1887
School Geography Maps
from 1887
(United States, 1887)
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These maps, produced using a "new color electrotype" process, are from an 1887 school geography atlas.  The maps feature views of the hemispheres, the United States, Canada and overseas countries.

All maps are provided with a copy of the accompanying summary of the 1880 census.  At that time, the total population of the United States was 55,100,600.  The state with the largest population was New York (5,082,871), and the smallest was Wyoming (20, 789).

Price per print: Print Only:  $70
Matting Charge:  $30
Framing & Matting Charge:  $160
Dimensions: Print Only:  9-1/2 x 12 inches
Matted:  16 x 18 inches
Type of print: Original color electrotype maps
Year: 1887
Other details: Includes copy of the 1880 census

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Hemisphere (No. 40270001)
Western Hemisphere

Hemisphere (No. 40270002)
Eastern Hemisphere

North America (No. 40270003)
North America

New England States (No. 40270004)
New England States

Middle Atlantic States (No. 40270005)
Middle Atlantic States

Southern States (No. 40270006)
Southern States

Central States (No. 40270007)
Central States
(east of Mississippi River)
Central States (No. 40270008)
Central States
(west of Mississippi River)
Pacific States (No. 40270009)
Pacific States

Canada (No. 40270010)
Dominion of Canada -
Eastern Part

Mexico and Central America (No. 40270011)
Mexico, Central America,
West Indies
South America (No. 40270012)
South America

Europe (No. 40270013)

Great Britain and Ireland (No. 40270014)
Great Britain and Ireland

Western Europe (No. 40270015)
Western Europe

Central Europe (No. 40270016)
Central Europe

Asia (No. 40270017)

Africa (No. 40270018)

Australasia (No. 40270019)
Malaysia, Australasia,