Antique Maps - 1855 School Geography Atlas
Antique Maps
from School Geography Atlas
(United States, 1855)
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This series of hand-colored engraved maps is from a mid-1800s School Geography Atlas. While produced to fit within the size of a textbook page, a great amount of detail is presented: Some of the country maps present population statistics. The State maps present topographic details and county identification.


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Type of print: Original hand-colored engraving
Year: 1855

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North America Print (No. 40120003)
North America

Eastern Part Print (No. 40120001)
Canada East and New Brunswick

Western Part Print (No. 40120002)
Canada West


Canada Print (No. 40120020)
Canada - British Provinces

United States Print (No. 40120019)
United States

Vermont Print (No. 40120021)
Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont


Massachusetts Print (No. 40120004)
Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut

New York Print (No. 40120005)
New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware

Virginia Print (No. 40120006)
Virginia, Maryland


North Carolina Print (No. 40120008)
North and South Carolina

Ohio Print (No. 40120011)
Ohio, Indiana

Illinois Print (No. 40120013)
Illinois, Missouri, Iowa


Missouri Print (No. 40120022)
Territory Map - Missouri and Minnesota

California Print (No. 40120015)
Oregon and Upper California

Europe Print (No. 40120023)


Britain and Ireland Print (No. 40120016)
Great Britain and Ireland

Germany Print (No. 40120017)

France Print (No. 40120018)
France, Spain, Portugal, Italy


South America Print (No. 40120024)
South America

Africa Print (No. 40120025)

Asia Print (No. 40120026)


India Print (No. 40120027)

Turkey Print (No. 40120028)
Turkey in Europe

Afghanistan Print (No. 40120029)
Turkey in Asia, Persia, Afghanistan


Australia Print (No. 40120030)