Mushroom Prints - Edible and Poisonous

Mushroom Prints - Edible and Poisonous

(England, 1894)
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The Mushroom prints shown on this page from a late 1800s guide to both edible and poisonous fungi.  The purpose of this series, as noted in the preface, was to help the reader know the good from the bad through numerous colored mushroom prints.

Each print identifies the mushrooms as being edible or poisonous, along with their English names.  On this page we also list the Latin names for the mushrooms shown on the prints.


Price per print: Print Only:  $50
Matting Charge:  $30
Framing & Matting Charge:  $135
Dimensions: Print Only:  4-1/2 x 6-1/2 inches
Matted:  10 x 12 inches
Type of print: Original chromolithograph
Year: 1894

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Edible Mushroom Prints
Amanita Print (No. 12030001)
Plate 1
Warty Caps, Milk Mushroom, Common Mushroom

Amanita, Lactarius, Psalliota
Mushroom - Lepiota Print (No. 12030002)
Plate 2
Parasol Mushroom, St. George's Mushroom

Lepiota, Tricholoma
Mushroom - Tricholoma Print (No. 12030003)
Plate 3
Blue Caps, Champignon, Blewits

Tricholoma, Marasmius

Mushroom - Clitocybe Print (No. 12030004)
Plate 4
Dusky Caps, Beef-steak

Clitocybe, Fistulina
Mushroom - Psalliota Print (No. 12030005)
Plate 5
Horse Mushroom. Hedgehog, Ivory Caps

Psalliota, Hydnum, Hygrophorus
Mushroom - Coprinus Print (No. 12030006)
Plate 6
Inky Mushroom, Shaggy Caps, Little Ivory Caps

Coprinus, Hygrophorus

Mushroom - Chantarelle Print (No. 12030007)
Plate 7
Puff Ball, Sweetbread, Chantarelle

Lycoperdon. Clitopilus, Cantharellus
Mushroom - Boletus Print (No. 12030008)
Plate 8
Edible Boletus, Buff Caps

Boletus, Hygrophorus
Mushroom - Morel Print (No. 12030009)
Plate 9
White Helvella, Morel, Truffle

Helvella, Morchella, Tuber

Poisonous Mushroom Prints
Mushroom - Agaric Print (No. 12030010)
Plate 10
Fly Agaric. Conic Lawn Mushroom

Amanita, Hygrophorus
Mushroom - Amanita Print (No. 12030011)
Plate 11
Buff Warty Caps, Liberty Caps, Slimy Caps

Amanita, Psilocybe, Stropharia
Mushroom - Entoloma Print (No. 12030012)
Plate 12
Wavy Pink Gills, Styptic Sidefoot

Entoloma, Panus

Mushroom - Wood Mushroom Print (No. 12030013)
Plate 13
Wood Mushroom, Sulphury Mushroom, Slimy Caps

Hypholoma, Tricholoma, Stropharia
Mushroom - Coprinus Print (No. 12030014)
Plate 14
Magpie, Wood Woolly Foot

Coprinus, Marasmius
Mushroom - Russula Print (No. 12030015)
Plate 15
Bitter Russule, Milk Mushroom, Sham Mushroom

Russula, Lactarius, Hebeloma

Mushroom - Milk Mushrooms Print (No. 12030016)
Plate 16
Emetic Russule, Milk Mushrooms

Russula, Lactarius
Mushroom - Boletus Print (No. 12030017)
Plate 17
White Milk Mushroom, Bitter Boletus

Lactarius, Boletus
Mushroom - Boletus Print (No. 12030018)
Plate 18
Satanic Boletus, Lurid Boletus