North American Indian Prints - George Catlin (1926)
North American Indian Prints
by George Catlin
(England, 1926)
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These prints are from a 1926 folio based upon George Catlin's famous North American Indian Portfolio.  During the summers of 1832 to 1837 Catlin traveled amongst the Great Plains Indians recording their costume, culture and way of life.  During the winter months he transcribed the sketches to oil paintings upon which these chromolithographs are based.  From 1837 to 1852 Catlin toured the United States and parts of Europe with his paintings, examples of Indian crafts and representatives of the Indian tribes.


Price per print: Print Only:  As shown
Matting Charge:  $20
Framing & Matting Charge:  $110
Dimensions: Print Only:  5-1/2 x 9 inches
Matted:  12 x 16 inches
Type of print: Original chromolithograph
Year: 1926

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Catlin (No. 60720087)
Plate 87
Chieftans of the Grand Pawnees tribe

Catlin (No. 60720088)
Plate 88
Buffalo Bull and Big Elk
of the Wolf Pawnees
Catlin (No. 60720089)
Plate 89
Two members of the
Pawnees Tribe
Catlin (No. 60720090)
Plate 90
Brave Chief and Big Elk
of the Omaha tribe
Catlin (No. 60720092)
Plate 92
Clermont, chief of the Osages, his wife and child

Catlin (No. 60720093)
Plate 93
Black Dog of the

Osage tribe
Catlin (No. 60720094)
Plate 94
Tal-lee, warrior
of the Osage tribe
Catlin (No. 60720095)
Plate 95
Three braves
of the Osage tribe
Catlin (No. 60720096)
Plate 96
Camanchee warrior
approaching a regiment
Catlin (No. 60720097)
Plate 97
Camanchees approaching
a bison herd

Catlin (No. 60720101)
Plate 101
Great Camanchee Village

Catlin (No. 60720102)
Plate 102
Camanchee Chief's family
Catlin (No. 60720106)
Plate 106
The Spaniard, a leading
Camanchee warrior
Catlin (No. 60720107)
Plate 107
Great Camanchee Village
by the Red River
Catlin (No. 60720111)
Plate 111
Tending an early monrning
fire near Alton, Illinois

Catlin (No. 60720120)
Plate 120
Cradle, Warrior Masks

and Chinook Skulls
Catlin (No. 60720124)
Plate 124
Snapping Turtle (Choctaw
tribe) playing ball game
Catlin (No. 60720128)
Plate 128
Eagle Dance performed
by the Choctaws
Catlin (No. 60720131)
Plate 131
Sioux Cradle
Catlin (No. 60720136)
Plate 136
Sioux Canoes

Indian Territory Maps
Catlin (No. 60720002)
Plate 2
Map -

Indian Localities in 1833
Catlin (No. 60720077)
Plate 77
Map -
US Indian Frontier in 1840