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Antique Poultry Prints -
Illustrated Book of Poultry
(England, 1880s)
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These beautiful prints are from Lewis Wright's Illustrated Book of Poultry, regarded as perhaps the most famous British 19th-century illustrated book on the subject.   The prints are original chromolithographs after illustrations by J. W. Ludlow.   The book was part of the natural history series published by Cassell and Company in England in the second half of the 1800s.


Price per print: Print Only:  $130
Matting Charge:  $20
Framing & Matting Charge:  $125
Dimensions: Print Only:  7-1/2 x 10 inches
Matted:  13 x 16 inches
Type of print: Original chromolithograph
Year: 1880s

Click on any image to see an enlargement of the print

Poultry (No. 22030001)
Silver Spangled Polish

Poultry (No. 22030002)
Silver Spangled
Poultry (No. 22030003)

Poultry (No. 22030004)
Buff Cochin Hen

Poultry (No. 22030005)
White Leghorns


Poultry (No. 22030006)
Black Frizzled Fowls

Poultry (No. 22030007)
Golden Spangled
Poultry (No. 22030008)
Sultan Fowls

Poultry (No. 22030009)
Black Polish
Poultry (No. 22030010)
Dorking Hen

Poultry (No. 22030011)
White Cochins -
"Champion" and "Queen"
Poultry (No. 22030012)
Brahma Pullet -
Poultry (No. 22030013)
Houdans -
"Young Champion" and "Lady"

Poultry (No. 22030014)

Poultry (No. 22030015)
Malay Game Cock

Poultry (No. 22030016)

Poultry (No. 22030017)
Red Game
Poultry (No. 22030018)
Duck-winged Game

Poultry (No. 22030019)
Red Game Cock -
"The Earl"
Poultry (No. 22030020)
Mr Entwisle's
Game Bantams