Copes' Golfers (1900)
(English Cigarette Cards - Reproduction)


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We can customize the print for you

Featured on this page is an Index of the Copes' Golfers card series.  Click on any of the series to view images of that cards in that series.

Each series consists of 6 cards.  The cards are mounted in a mat that is professionally hand cut.  The mat color is neutral making it compatible with almost any type of frame.  Your print is available for immediate framing, or we can frame it for you.

We will gladly customize a print for for with cards you select.  Contact us for more details.

In addition to the matted print you will receive an information sheet on the history of English Cigarette Cards.

Price Information

All series (except Women Golfers)
     Measures 11 x 14 inches
          Matted Only - $30
          Matted and Framed - $115

Women Golfers
     Measures 10 x 12 inches
          Matted Only - $25
          Matted and Framed - $95

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These golf prints make an attractive
addition for the home or office,
whether hanging on a wall or placed
on an easel.