Antique Railroad Maps - United States and Canada
Antique Railroad Maps -
United States and Canada
(United States, 1897)
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The United States and Canadian railroad maps on this page are from a late 1800s railway atlas used by shippers and railroad personnel.  The stated purpose of the atlas was to provide the "true location of all railroads, towns, villages and post offices" for rail lines active in the United States and Canada at that time.

In addition to showing the railroad routes in each state and province, the atlas identified each town on the right of way that had a store, the population, number of banks, telegraph stations, post offices (including those that could issue money orders) and the express shipping companies with local offices.

Each railroad map also has a legend that identifies the names of the active railroads.  The railroad routes are color coded to easily identify their location on the map.


Price per print: Print Only:  $135
Matting Charge:  $50
Framing & Matting Charge:  $250
Dimensions: Print Only:  21 x 16 inches
Matted:  28 x 22 inches
Type of print: Original lithograph
Year: 1897

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Railroad Map - North Dakota (No. 40320228)
North Dakota

Railroad Map - Ohio (No. 40320118)
Ohio - Northern Half

Railroad Map - Oregon (No. 40320374)
Oregon - Western Half

Railroad Map - Oregon (No. 40320382)
Oregon - Eastern Half

Railroad Map - Pennsylvania (No. 40320060)
Pennsylvania - Western Half

Railroad Map - Pennsylvania (No. 40320064)
Pennsylvania - Eastern Half

Railroad Map - South Dakota (No. 40320232)
South Dakota

Railroad Map - Texas (No. 40320304)
Texas - Western Half

Railroad Map - Virginia/West Virginia (No. 40320108)
Virginia and West Virginia

Railroad Map - Virginia/West Virginia (No. 40320098)
Virginia and West Virginia - Western Half

Railroad Map - Washington (No. 40320360)
Washington - Western Half

Railroad Map - Washington (No. 40320363)
Washington - Eastern Half

Railroad Map - Wisconsin (No. 40320216)

Railroad Map - Wyoming (No. 40320352)

Railroad Map - Ontario (No. 40320386)

Railroad Map - Ontario (No. 40320390)
Ontario - Northwestern Part

Railroad Map - Quebec (No. 40320396)

Railroad Map - New Brunswick/Nova Scotia (No. 40320400)
New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

Railroad Map - Nova Scotia (No. 40320404)
Nova Scotia - Eastern Half

Railroad Map - Nova Scotia (No. 40320408)
Nova Scotia - Western Half

Railroad Map - Manitoba (No. 40320416)

Railroad Map - Northwest Territories (No. 40320420)
Northwest Territories

Railroad Map - British Columbia (No. 40320424)
British Columbia

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Example of Railroad Map Legend

Example of the map legend identifying the names
of railroads opearting in the state or province.
Railroad routes are color coded for identification.
(Legend is from the Alabama map)