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Reading Primer Prints -
Tots and Toys
(England, 1931)
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These delightful prints are from the First Edition of an early 1930s reading primer - Tots and Toys.   It is very typical of the tutorials published during this period.  While many of us are familiar with the "Dick and Jane" series, these prints feature "Mary Ann and Junior" as the hero and heroine.

The prints follow the adventures of Mary Ann and Junior around their home, going to the local pet shop and visiting their friend Joe in the country.


Price per print: Print Only:  $25
Matting Charge:  $15
Framing & Matting Charge:  $85
Dimensions: Print Only:  5 x 6 inches
Matted:  9 x 12 inches
Type of print: Original color print
Year: 1931

Click on any image to see an enlargement of the print

Reading Primer (No. 70410002)
Plate 2
Mary Ann is playing store.

Reading Primer (No. 70410003)
Plate 3
Mary Ann is playing house.
Reading Primer (No. 70410005)
Plate 5
Mary Ann is playing train.
Reading Primer (No. 70410008)
Plate 8
The Pet Store.
Reading Primer (No. 70410011)
Plate 11
Junior saw a big bird

Reading Primer (No. 70410013)
Plate 13
They saw little rabbits

Reading Primer (No. 70410015)
Plate 15
They saw big cats
Reading Primer (No. 70410016)
Plate 16
Jack is Mary Ann's dog
Reading Primer (No. 70410017)
Plate 17
Jack saw a cat
Reading Primer (No. 70410019)
Plate 19
Find the little dog

Reading Primer (No. 70410021)
Plate 21
Junior tried to skate

Reading Primer (No. 70410028)
Plate 28
Joe had pet rabbits
Reading Primer (No. 70410029)
Plate 29
Joe had a pet cat
Reading Primer (No. 70410031)
Plate 31
Joe had a pet duck
Reading Primer (No. 70410033)
Plate 33
Find what said

Reading Primer (No. 70410035)
Plate 35
The birds saw a bird bath

Reading Primer (No. 70410037)
Plate 37
Junior saw Pussy
Reading Primer (No. 70410052)
Plate 52
Mary Ann had a red doll
Reading Primer (No. 70410053)
Plate 53
Find the yellow doll
Reading Primer (No. 70410064)
Plate 64
Find a blue bird