The Robin's Christmas Eve (1875)
The Robin's Christmas Eve
(England, 1875)
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     Twas Christmas time - a dreary night,
     The snow fell thick and fast,
     And o'er the country swept the wind,
     A keen and wintry blast.

So begins the tale of the Robin's Christmas Eve.   Trying to find food and shelter from the winter's storm, the Robin taps at the window of the local Squire's home, all to no avail.  Later, the Robin see's Jem, the sexton of the local church and follows him.  While Jem prepares the church for Christmas services, the Robin takes shelter inside and finds the church decorated with boughs of holly with berries.  The story ends with the Robin singing a song of praise to have found a home on Christmas.

The delightful chromolithograph prints capturing the Victorian spirit of the poem were produced by printing house of Kronheim and Company.

Note:  This series of prints is sold as a complete collection and not individually.

Price per series: Print Only:  $420 (for the series)
Matted:  $570 (for the series)
Framed:  $1250 (for the series)
Dimensions: Prints:  8-1/2 x 9-1/2 inches
Matted:  14 x 16 inches
Type of print: Original chromolithograph
Year: 1875
Other details: Includes copy of the accompanying poem

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Robin's Christmas Eve (No. 70350001)
Yes, there he stands - so very close,
He taps the window pane;
And when he sees you turn away,
He feebly taps again.

Robin's Christmas Eve (No. 70350002)
The Robin early went to bed,
Puffed out just like a ball;
He slept all night on one small leg,
Yet managed not to fall.
Robin's Christmas Eve (No. 70350003)
And now, with lantern in hand,
He hobbles down the lane.

Robin's Christmas Eve (No. 70350004)
Jem thought, when entering the church,
That he was all alone,
Nor dreamed a little stranger bird
Had to its refuge flown

Robin's Christmas Eve (No. 70350005)
But what an unexpected sight
Is this that meets his eyes!
The church is dressed with holly green,
To him so great a prize.

Robin's Christmas Eve (No. 70350006)
And we must close the Robin's tale,
T' will be a blessed thing
Should it have taught but one young voice
To praise as well as sing.