Trademarks Prints - American Companies (1924)
Trademark Prints -
American Companies
(United States, 1924)
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These Trademark prints from American companies are part of a folio organized by Joseph Sinel, a New Zealand-born graphics artist who emigrated to the United States in 1918 by way of England.  The intended audience for the folio was the graphics artist who was looking for a source of ideas for their own work.  In addition to designing Trademarks himself, Sinel also coined the term "industrial design" to refer to industrial objects used in advertising.


Price per print: Print Only:  $45
Matting Charge:  $25
Framing & Matting Charge:  $135
Dimensions: Print Only:  9 x 12 inches
Matted:  14 x 16 inches
Type of print: Original color engraving
Year: 1924

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Trademarks (No. 60240006)
The John S. King Company
Trademarks (No. 60240009)
The White Elephant
(Hingham Center, MA)
Trademarks (No. 60240011)
American Writing Paper Co.
(Holyoke, MA)
Trademarks (No. 60240014)
Japan Paper Company
(New York)
Trademarks (No. 60240016)
B. W. Huebsch, Inc.
(New York)

Trademarks (No. 60240028)
The White Company
Trademarks (No. 60240032)
Harry St. John Dixon
(San Francisco)
Trademarks (No. 60240033)
Erwin, Wasey & Company, Ltd.
Trademarks (No. 60240034)
Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.
New York)
Trademarks (No. 60240035)
C. H. Masland & Sons, Inc.

Trademarks (No. 60240043)
Sherwin-Williams Co.
and others
Trademarks (No. 60240045)
Standard Oil Company
and others
Trademarks (No. 60240046)
Atchinson, Topeka &
Santa Fe Railway (Chicago)
and others
Trademarks (No. 60240047)
Union Sugar Co.
(San Francisco)
and others
Trademarks (No. 60240049)
Northern Pacific Railway Co.
(St Paul)
and others

Trademarks (No. 60240050)
Columbia Phonograph Company
(New York)
amd others
Trademarks (No. 60240051)
Square D Company
and others
Trademarks (No. 60240053)
Plymouth Cordage Co.
(North Plymouth, MA)
and others
Trademarks (No. 60240054)
National Shawmut Bank
and others
Trademarks (No. 60240056)
American Telephone and
Telegraph (New York)
and others