World war II Ration Coupon Prints (early 1940s)
World War II Ration Coupon Prints
(United States, early 1940s)
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The Second World War presented numerous challenges for the American people including conserving food, gas and even clothing.

To manage the conservation efforts the United States government created the Office of Price Administration in 1941. One of it's initiatives was the Food Rationing Program started in 1942.

As part of this program each citizen was provided with a ration coupon booklet.  Individual coupons would be redeemed when purchasing food items.

We were fortunate to come across full ration coupon booklets from 1942 while doing some antiquing north of Philadelphia.

The prints are matted with a double window to present both a full page of the original coupons and an original coupon booklet cover.

When ordering a print all you need to specify is the design featured on the coupons.  Five designs are available - Fighter Plane, Artillery, Tank, Aircraft Carrier and Lady Liberty.


Price per print: Matted:  $80
Framed:  $170
Dimensions: 12 x 16 inches
Type of print: Original war ration coupons
Year: early 1940s
Other details: Includes a background sheet on
World War II ration coupons

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War Ration Coupons (No. 61000001)
Fighter Plane

War Ration Coupons (No. 61000002)

War Ration Coupons (No. 61000003)

War Ration Coupons (No. 61000004)
Aircraft Carrier

War Ration Coupons (No. 61000005)
Lady Liberty

war-ration-coupon-print.jpg (10331 bytes)

Example of the matted War
Ration Coupon print

61000006.jpg (22655 bytes)

In addition to the ration coupons, each print
also includes an original coupon booklet cover