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(England, reproduction of 1928 cards)
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Most of the prints featured on our Web site are original antique prints dating from the late 1700s through early 1900s.

Occasionally we come across reproductions of prints that are unique and address an interest that our clients have.  We are pleased to present these reproductions of English "Angling" cigarette cards.   The cards were originally issued by Mitchell's Cigarettes in 1928.  Each card portrays Fishing locations in England, with insets showing types of Fish native to that region or Flies used in fishing.  The back of the card has a narrative with details on the Fishing location.

Each matted print features a series of any 6 cards.  You can select the cards you want to appear on the mat.   When you place your order just specify the Card Numbers or names of the Angling scene  you have chosen.  Accompanying the print is an interesting narrative on the history of the cigarette card.

These cards make an ideal gift for the Fishing enthusiast!

Click to view images of the matted "Angling" cigarette card print.

Price per series of 6: Matted:  $35
Framed:  $135
Dimensions: 11 x 14 (matted)
Year: Reproduction of 1928 cigarette cards
Other details: Each print is provided with a narrative
on the history of the cigarette card

30220001.jpg (5066 bytes)
Card 1

(The Avon, Hampsire)
30220002.jpg (4827 bytes)
Card 2
(Blagdon Lake)
30220003.jpg (4718 bytes)
Card 3

(The Broads)
30220004.jpg (5132 bytes)
Card 3

(Cornish Coast)

30220005.jpg (5626 bytes)
Card 5

(The Dart)
30220006.jpg (5116 bytes)
Card 6

30220007.jpg (5471 bytes)
Card 7

(The Dee)
30220008.jpg (5120 bytes)
Card 8

(Devon Coast)

30220009.jpg (5589 bytes)
Card 9

(The Dove)
30220010.jpg (4837 bytes)
Card 10

(Loch Ericht)
30220011.jpg (5283 bytes)
Card 11

(Filey Brigg, Yorkshire)
30220012.jpg (5231 bytes)
Card 12

(The Hebrides)

30220013.jpg (5418 bytes)
Card 13

(The Lea)
30220014.jpg (4908 bytes)
Card 14

(Loch Leven)
30220015.jpg (4891 bytes)
Card 15

(The Ouse)
30220016.jpg (5232 bytes)
Card 16
Gaffing a Salmon

(The Spey)

30220017.jpg (5356 bytes)
Card 17
Salmon Fishing

(The Tay)
30220018.jpg (5471 bytes)
Card 18
Dry Fly Fishing

(The Test)
30220019.jpg (5466 bytes)
Card 19

(Thames Punt)
30220020.jpg (4625 bytes)
Card 20

(The Trent)

30220021.jpg (5304 bytes)
Card 21
Playing a Salmon

(The Tweed)
30220022.jpg (5368 bytes)
Card 22
Salmon Fishing

(The Usk)
30220023.jpg (5268 bytes)
Card 23
Char Fishing

(Lake Windermere)
30220024.jpg (5802 bytes)
Card 24
Weighing a Salmon

(The Wye)