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Birds of Baron Cuvier

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(England, 1834)

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These beautiful hand-colored prints are from the English edition of The Animal Kingdom, the best known work of the French naturalist Baron Georges Cuvier.  Cuvier authored the scientific text which was illustrated by M. Latreille.  The goal of this series was to "serve as a foundation for the natural history of animals and an introduction to comparative anatomy".  The subjects covered included mammals, birds, fish, insects, reptiles, mollusks and crustacea.

Price per print: Print Only:  As shown
Matting Charge:   $15
Framing & Matting Charge:  $85
Dimensions: Print Only:  5 x 8-1/2 inches
Matted:  11 x 14 inches
Type of print: Original hand-colored engraving
Year: 1834


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756108.jpg (14610 bytes)


756118.jpg (16342 bytes)
756130.jpg (13201 bytes)
Birds of Paradise
756143.jpg (14594 bytes)
756147.jpg (16754 bytes)
Couroucou & Toucan

756148.jpg (15112 bytes)
Maccaw & Cockatoo
756154.jpg (15240 bytes)
Guinea Hen & Turkey
756157.jpg (15902 bytes)
756160.jpg (14369 bytes)
Pheasant, Wild Cock of Java
& Wild Hen of Java
756161.jpg (14954 bytes)

756166.jpg (14311 bytes)
756171.jpg (12885 bytes)
Pratincole & Red Flamingo
756174.jpg (16031 bytes)
Pelican, Sea Erigate Bird
& Cormorant
756175.jpg (13887 bytes)
Penguin & Auk
756180.jpg (13303 bytes)
Swan & Geese