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(England, 1834)

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These hand-colored prints are from the English edition of The Animal Kingdom, the best known work of the French naturalist Baron Georges Cuvier.  Cuvier authored the scientific text which was illustrated by M. Latreille.  In addition to descriptions of insects, The Animal Kingdom also covered mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, mollusks and crustacea.

Price per print: Print Only:  As shown
Matting Charge:   $15
Framing & Matting Charge:  $85
Dimensions: Print Only:  5 x 8-1/2 inches
Matted:  11 x 14 inches
Type of print: Original hand-colored engraving
Year: 1834


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756208.jpg (15442 bytes)

Plate 8

Pamborus, et al

756219.jpg (17312 bytes)
Plate 19

Buprestris, et al

756224.jpg (15915 bytes)
Plate 24

Lampyris, et al

756237.jpg (17368 bytes)
Plate 37

Lucanus, et al

756245.jpg (16352 bytes)
Plate 45

Mylabris, et al


756250.jpg (19245 bytes)
Plate 50

Trigonotarsus, et al

756255.jpg (16570 bytes)
Plate 55

Lamia, et al

756259.jpg (18895 bytes)
Plate 59

Doryphora, et al

756259A.jpg (17803 bytes)
Plate 59A

Adorium, et al

756263.jpg (15850 bytes)
Plate 63

Phasma, et al


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